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Customer Interaction

Did you know?

 •  Over 90% of consumers want to message a business through text messaging or webchat 

 •  1 in 3 consumers have sent messages to a business and received no response.

Be available whenever & however customers are looking to interact with your business.


The customer interaction platform that moves local businesses forward

Message Center

Be the first to respond whenever and however customers want to interact. Message center let's to interact with customers through Text Messaging, WebChat, Google Business Messages, & more.

Feedback & Reviews

Ensure your brand is trusted online so leads will reach out when they need you. Turn existing customers into advocates by inviting them to share their amazing experiences with your business.

Automated Virtual Assistant

"AVA" technology helps ensure you never miss a conversation again by gathering leads & offering around-the-clock information—even when you're not around. AVA will let you know when they're ready to buy.



Make it convenient for your customers to start a conversation with you by adding a SmartConnect enabled QR code to business cards, front desk displays, mailers, stickers, and any other printed materials.

SmartConnect - QR Codes

Limitless ways to Connect to Customers with QR Codes

FreshLime's SmartConnect technology gives your customers a convenient way to connect with you through text messaging.

  • QR Code on your business cards, front desk display, on your monthly mailer, stickers, and more. The options are limitless! 

  • Your customer scans the QR code and within seconds you connect your customers with your business and meet their needs.

  • You win with a happy customer, repeat business, or new lead to grow your business!
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